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Are you looking for the most trusted name for sales and services for hot tubs and spas in Winnipeg? Aqua Pleasure Pools not only carries a variety of Jacuzzi® hot tubs and Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas, but we also carry all the accessories to make the most of your new spa. Choose a low-maintenance, self-cleaning hot tub or a soothing salt water spa, and we carry a design and features that fit your lifestyle, space and aesthetic. With any selection you receive a superior product built for energy efficiency and personal comfort.

Aqua Pleasure Pools welcomes you to our spa showroom in Winnipeg Monday – Saturday to see for yourself all the attractions a hot tub offers for entertaining and relaxing at home. We provide free quotes. Contact us by phone or send us your inquiries by email.

Professional Services and Top Products

Keep your hot tub or swim spa in peak working condition for years of worry-free use. Professional services from Aqua Pleasure Pools ensure you are prepared to enjoy a soothing soak during any season. You choose the schedule that meets your needs and budget. 

Our spa maintenance services include:

  • Onsite water analysis and diagnosis
  • Balancing water with appropriate chemicals
  • Cleaning if spa wand is provided
  • Spring and fall cleanups
  • Winterizing and opening
  • Parts and repairs

We also carry Hydropool accessories and water care products for our maintenance services and available to all hot tub and spa owners in our store. Visit or call us about the elements you want to both update your spa experience and keep it sparkling clean.

Balancing Spas (per 1000L)

Aqua Pleasure Pools is here to help you keep your spa or hot tub sanitary and balanced to maximize your time in it and to minimize the need for extra maintenance. See us for a full range of products and expert advice for these basic water treatments.


Chlorine system:

  • Spa shock and spa-chlor stabilizers
  • 1 scoop = 10g

Initial treatment: 35g spa shock
Maintenance: 15g spa shock daily or as needed and 20g spa-chlor after heavy use
Superchlorinate: 50g spa shock

Chlorine Level

0-1 ppm

1-3 ppm

Over 3 ppm

Spa-Chlor / Shock

2 scoops

1 scoops


Bromine system:

  • Brome-Ox and Brome-Add*
  • 1 scoop = 30g

Initial treatment: 125g Brome-Ox and 125ml Brome-Add

Maintenance: 30g Brome-Ox after heavy use 30ml Brome-Add weekly

Bromine Level

0-1 ppm

1-3 ppm

Over 3 ppm


2 scoops

1 scoops


*Brome-Ox will only provide bromine sanitization when used in conjunction with Brome-Add. Both are Mursatt™ products available at Aqua Pleasure Pools. Use brominating tablets as needed

Alkalinity & pH:


  • 1 scoop = 15g
  • Each scoop brings alkalinity up 10ppm

Alkalinity Level





Spa Buffer

7 scoops

5 scoops

3 scoops

1 scoop

Calcium Hardness:


  • 20 ml of Spa-Cal brings the calcium up 10 ppm

Calcium Level




Spa Cal

100 ml

60 ml

20 ml

If calcium hardness exceeds 200ppm add 50ml of Spa-Glo**

**These are Mursatt™ water care products available at Aqua Pleasure Pools in Winnipeg.


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