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Keeping a pool or spa sanitary, functioning and safe, you need supplies, parts and accessories guaranteed to work. With more than 45 years in the industry, Aqua Pleasure Pools sells only products with brand name recognition and assurance from replacement parts to pool safety covers at our Winnipeg location. We are also proud to sell and install the best spas and hot tubs from internationally known Jacuzzi® and Ontario-based Hydropool Hot Tubs Inc. Our pool chemicals are all from Mursatt™, and we are the only pool company in Winnipeg who carries their products. 

From spa lighting to pool toys, we are your source for all the miscellaneous pool accessories you could want from Canada’s Northeastern Swimming Pool Distributors. Visit our showroom or contact us about all of your pool and spa needs and extras, including:

  • Ladders and rails
  • Slides and diving boards
  • Solar blankets and rollers
  • Waterfalls and bubblers
  • Heaters and filters
  • Poles, brushes, and skimmers
  • Pool loungers and furniture

Our Brands for Sale, Installation and Services

Pools, Pool Liners, and Pool Equipment

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Pool and Spa Chemicals


Cartridge Filters

Unicel® Pleatco®

Water Chemistry Products and Information


Our Shock Product: Mursatt™ Calhypo

  • You always want to have a relatively high chlorine level to protect against algae formation 
  • To increase your chlorine levels, you must add shock to the pool
  • Algae eat the chlorine causing the level to decrease, therefore when chlorine levels plummet it is an indicator that you must super-chlorinate the pool to fight off any algae
  • High temperatures promote algae and they generally result in a greater consumption of chlorine
  • Rain water will also decrease your chlorine count
  • Free chlorine does the hard work of killing off bacteria and oxidizing contaminants (when you add shock you are adding free chlorine)
  • Combined chlorine is when free chlorine combines with contaminants such as oils, swimmer waste, etc. This form of chlorine has little to no sanitizing ability
  • Total chlorine is the sum of combined chlorine and free chlorine
  • If your total chlorine count is higher than your free chlorine, you have combined chlorine in the water
  • You need to super-chlorinate your water because high dosages of free chlorine will oxidize (destroy) the combined chlorine


Pucks and Super Pucks

  • You want to keep the stabilize level at around 50 ppm because this is the most effective level of maintaining clear water and protecting against the chlorine
  • A stabilizer acts as a sunblock for the chlorine protecting it from UV rays
  • You must initially add stabilizer in granular form to a pool by putting it inside a nylon in your skimmer
  • The stabilizer level is then maintained by the use of regular-sized pucks
  • If the stabilizer count is too high, you must add water

Alkalinity and pH

Mursatt™ Buffer, Easy-Up, Easy-Down

  • If alkalinity is low, then your pH is probably low as well and you must add buffer
  • You have to balance your alkalinity in order to stabilize pH
  • You want to have the alkalinity and pH in the appropriate range because if the water is too acidic (low), it is corrosive and will eat the metal fittings in the pool, causing metal deposits and damage to the heater 
  • If alkalinity is too high, you may have to add muriatic acid
  • Large amounts of rain will decrease alkalinity and pH
  • After you adjust your alkalinity and if pH still needs adjustment, you can add either Easy-Up or Easy-Down (0= strong acid, 7=neutral, 14=strong base)
  • If pH is too high, it will normally drop by itself and won’t allow chlorine to work at its most effective level
  • If pH is too low, eye irritation occurs, dissolved metals may leave stains, chlorine activity is slowed, water becomes cloudy, filter is overworked, etc.
  • pH affects every other chemical balance in the pool water

Calcium Hardness

Mursatt™ Mor-Cal

  • To increase calcium levels, you must use Mor-Cal
  • If the water is too low in calcium (soft water), it will leach it from vinyl parts of the pool, resulting in chafing
  • If the calcium is too high (hard water), it deposits the excess as scale – common in out-of-town water
  • For continuously high calcium, use a shield on a weekly basis to prevent scale and deposits


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